King Kong



Production: Global Creatures
Director: Daniel Kramer
Animatronic Kong: Creature Technology, Sunny Tilders
Interactive System, Visuals: Frieder Weiss
Music: Marius de Vries
Costume Designer: Roger Kirk


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"King Kong" is a music theatre production based on the novel by and the well know story of the King Kong movies. A 6m tall animatronic puppet is the main star of the show. His incredible character is brought to live by 10 kings men, moving arms and limbs in great choreographical and physical effort. His extremly detailed facial expression is made possible by a large number of servos, live operated by three operators with joysticks controlling head and face movement along with his voice. My task was to generate the abstract real-time processed graphical world behind him. A 28x8.5m large LED staged as a semicircle, and a number of projectors for additional live projections on Kong, set and cast.

Performance History:

King Kong premiered at the Regent Theatre in Melbourne in June 2013, playing about 250 performances until closing in February 2014.

Plans exist for 2015 to restage the work on Broadway in New York.

Original Cast

  • Esther Hannaford as Ann Darrow
  • Chris Ryan as Jack Driscoll
  • Adam Lyon as Carl Denham
  • Queenie van de Zandt as Cassandra‚Ć / High Priestess
  • Richard Piper as Captain Engelhorn / Chief of Police